Course of Study

The course of the study comprises: course works, seminar, laboratory training, research activity and clinical training. Seminar will be on oral biology, contemporary orthodontics, orthodontic innovation and others, which are necessary for research project. The students have opportunity to perform their research project at both CU and TMDU. The clinical training includes clinical examination, diagnosis and patient treatment with orthodontics, orthopedics and multidisciplinary approaches with other specialties.

Curriculum Structure

Course Syllabus


Tuition Fee

The course has 10 semesters and 3 summer semesters.
The academic special fee is 400,000 baht/semester and 150,000 baht/summer semester.
The tuition fee is 31,000 baht/semester and 7,750 baht/summer semester.

On-campus room and board, and travel expense are not offered.