Assoc. Prof. Ekarat Phattarataratip

รศ.ทพ.ดร.เอกรัฐ ภัทรธราธิป

Department: Oral Pathology

Specialist: Oral Diagnostic Sciences


Ph.D. (Oral Science)The University of Iowa, USAB.E. 2553
Diplomate, Thai Board of Oral Diagnostic SciencesThe Dental CouncilB.E. 2554
Cert. (Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology)The University of Iowa, USAB.E. 2552
Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial PathologyUSAB.E. 2552
D.D.S. honors (Dentistry) Chulalongkorn UniversityB.E. 2546

Academic Paper


A : Article in Journal

Phattarataratip E, Sappayatosok K. The Significance of Relative Claudin Expression in Odontogenic Tumors. Head and Neck Pathology. 31 August 2019:1–9  doi: 10.1007/s12105-019-01072-8. SCOPUS 
Pariyawathee S, Phattarataratip E, Thongprasom K. CD146 expression in oral lichen planus and oral cancer. Clin Oral Investig. January 2020;24(1):325-332 SCOPUS 
Phattarataratip E, Kositkittiwanit N, Kajornkiatkul P, Yeunyong P, Ratanapitak R. P120 catenin expression and its correlation with E-cadherin in salivary gland neoplasms. J Oral Biol Craniofac Res. January – March 2019;9(1):57-62. SCOPUS 
Phattarataratip E, Dhanuthai K. Expression of C-X-C motif chemokine receptors 4 and 7 in salivary gland neoplasms.. Arch Oral Biol. November 2017;83:136-144. SCOPUS 
Phattarataratip E, Masorn M, Jarupoonphol W, Supatthanayut S, Saeoweiang P. Differential expression of epithelial cell adhesion molecule in salivary gland neoplasms. Ann Diagn Pathol. October 2016;24:62-7. SCOPUS 
Phattarataratip E, Sappayatosok K. Expression of claudin-5, claudin-7 and occludin in oral squamous cell carcinoma and their clinico-pathological significance. J Clin Exp Dent. 1 July 2016;8(3):e299-306. SCOPUS 
Sappayatosok K, Phattarataratip E. Overexpression of Claudin-1 is Associated with Advanced Clinical Stage and Invasive Pathologic Characteristics of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Head Neck Pathol. June 2015;9(2):173-80. SCOPUS