Welfare and Scholarships

Faculty of Dentistry,
Chulalongkorn University

1. Support for Protection Against Hepatitis B

Because dental students working in the clinic have chances of getting infected by virus that causes Hepatitis B, the Department of Student’s Affairs has arranged for our students to take immunological examination for this disease. In January or February of every year, all third year dental students will be taking this examination without charge. Once the examination reports is out, there will also be a session arranged to give students more knowledge on this disease.

2. Health Support

2.1 Mental Health Support:

Counseling with Psychologist:

Mon-Fri (8:30-17:00) (Make appointment in advance)

Mental Health Treatment with Psychiatrist:

Mon-Thurs (13:00-15:00) (Make appointment in advance)
Department Working Time: Mon-Fri (8:00-17:00)
Chamchuri 9 Building, 3rd Floor, Room 311

2.2 Other Health Services:

This service has no charge and is for people working for the university.
Address: 254 Chamchuri 9 Building, 2rd Floor, Phayathai Rd., Phatumwaan, Bangkok 10330
Department Working Time: Mon-Fri (8:00-16:00)

3. Medical Treatment for Accidents

The university provides all students with medical insurance regarding accidents. To reimburse medical expenses, students have to submit these evidences within 45 days after the incident.

3.1 Injury Caused by Accidents: 

medical certificate, original receipt

3.2 Death Caused or Not Caused by Accidents: 

Obituary, copy of student’s citizen card, copy of student’s address, copy of obituary, autopsy (in case of death by accident)

3.3 Student’s Benefits: 

For more information, contact us at 2nd Floor, Juljakkrapong Building or call +66 2218 7048 – 9

4. Registration for Insurance Program from Chulalongkorn University

This program is opened for registration twice a year (June and October). After the registration is made, please send the registration information to the Department of Student’s Affairs.

5. Students’ Dormitory

Office Location: Phayathai Rd., Wangmhai, Pathumwaan District, Bangkok 10330 (Tel: 022183643, Fax: 022183642)

For more information: http://www.rcu.sa.chula.ac.th/rcu_web/

Registration Date:
  • New students registering for 1st semester of the year: May
  • Students registering for 1st semester of next year: January
  • Students registering for 2nd semester of the year: September
  1. Bachelor degree’s freshmen studying in the semester program
  2. Live far from the city or in the city where it’s difficult for learning
  3. Have goof behavior
  • Male Student Dormitory: 2 buildings for 1280 male students
  • Female Student Dormitory: 3 buildings for 1659 female students
  • Private Dormitory: Open for registration twice a year (May)

For more information, visit  http://www.ucenterchula.com/ or call:  +66 2216 3424 (-403-405)

6. Free Lunch Project

Students can get free lunch to help save their overall expenses.
Please contact: +66 2218 3680

7. Doctor’s Gown Project

Dental students will be working with real patients once they reached the 2nd semester of their 4th year. To protect our students from infection, the Department of Student’s Affairs has provided 2 sets of doctor’s gown for everyone. Before 2nd semester starts, in October, our faculty will hold a White Coat Ceremony where teachers will be giving out doctor’s gown to the students. This ceremony also allows parents to congratulate the students and get a chance to talk to their teachers.

8. Counseling and Career Guidance Services

The university provides career guidance services, including finding a job, for all students. For more information, please contact Khun Prasit (Tel: 022187074).

The university also provides urgent counseling services for students who need help. This counseling service will be done through phone calls with a specialized counselor.

Department Working Time: Mon-Fri (12:00-17:00) (Tel: 022511558)

9. Emergency Aid Funds

When students are in urgent need for money, they will be able to contact the Department of Student’s Affairs for help. Students must inform their advisors first before contacting the Department of Student’s Affairs.

10. Other Supports

Reducing Train Fares: This can be done for those under 25 years old with no income.
Monthly Ticket: This is for those who have to travel regularly.
Half Price Ticket: This is for students living outside the city who want to go back and visit the hometown at the end of the semester between February and June.
Reducing Train Fares for Traveling in Groups: This is for students traveling in a group to a field trip outside the university.

11. Scholarship

11.1 Supportive scholarship: 

  1. For tuition fee and monthly expenses; not over 48,000 THB per year
  2. For tuition fee
  3. For monthly expense; not over 4,000 THB per month or 48,000 THB per year
  4. For part of overall expenses; not over 10,000 THB
Registration Period:  
  • Current students— November to December of every year
  • New students— 3rd week of June to August of every year

For more information on documents needed and registration form, please contact:  +66 2218 8656

State Loans: 

This loan is limited to 78000 THB per year for each student. Students will have to pay back their loans after graduating. They will have 2 years to pay back their loans with a 1 percent interest per year.

Registration Period: 
  • Current students— November to December 
  • Students not in Chulalongkorn University— 2nd week to the end of May  

For registration form, please contact the Department of Student’s Affairs or call +66 2218 8656

For more information please visit: www.studentloan.or.th

11.2 Internal Scholarship:

  1. Academic Scholarship
  2. Research Scholarship
  3. Scholarship for Activists
  4. Scholarship for Good Moral
  5. Scholarship for Highest กสพท Score
  6. Emergency Aid Funds

 11.3 External Scholarship: 

  1. King’s Scholarship
  2. Bhumibol Scholarship
  3. Supreme Patriarch Scholarship
  4. Mahidol Adulyadej Scholarship
  5. Mai Haang Rong Poon Scholarship                                      
  6. Boonrord Brewery Scholarship
  7. Shin Soponpanich Scholarship
  8. Commercial Bank of Thailand Scholarship
  9. Chuan Rattanaraks Scholarship
  10. One Scholarship One District Scholarship

For more information, please contact

Division of Student Affairs

Faculty of Dentistry

Chulalongkorn University

34 Henri-Dunant Road,
Wangmai, Patumwan,
Bangkok, 10330,

  • Tel. +66 2218 8656, +66 2218 8658
  • Fax +66 2255 3058