Clubs and Activities

Faculty of Dentistry,
Chulalongkorn University

We give students the opportunities to come together for activities that will help them gain knowledge and skills in various aspects of life. These activities will help them develop social skills, both inside and outside the faculty that will be most beneficial to society, university, and country. Furthermore, this is also the chance for students to learn about leaderships and social management, gaining new experiences which wouldn’t be available in classroom.

Club and their assigned projects as listed below:

1. Academic clubs

Academic club

  • Wanna be dentist camp
  • “Open your mouth” Facebook page is an online platform for sharing oral health knowledge to the public. Dental Student Committee (Academic Affair Team) produces several types of media on Facebook page which are simple, understandable and interesting. At present, “Open your mouth” Facebook page have more than 22000 followers and counting.

Foreign relation club

  • Dental student exchange program to foreign countries
  • Asia-Pacific Dental Student Association Annual Year Congress
  • Language improvement project

2. Sport clubs

Dent CU Sport club

  • Freshy games
  • 5-doctor sports
  • New kids sport
  • Inter-faculty sports

3. Socio-cultural clubs

Thai Music club

  • Thai blessing ceremony for new students
  • Farewell ceremony for graduating students
  • Rejoicing ceremony with senior faculty staffs
  • Teacher ceremony
  • Thai cultural heritage event

Pop Music club

  • The Dent (Contemporary band)
  • Freshy night
  • Concert Contest
  • Farewell party for graduating students (ByeNior)

Dent CU Photo club

  • Photo club seminar
  • Capturing moments activity
  • Dent CU photo exhibition and photo contest
  • Photo training session

Light & Sound club

  • Karaoke Contest
  • Students-staffs singing festival
  • Short film contest

Folksong club

  • Folksong Contest

4. Social engagement and outreach clubs

Camp club

  • Rural development volunteer camp
  • Community sanitation camp
  • Self-development and nature conservation camp
  • Outreach camp

Dental student association’s miscellaneous activities

Singing session

‘Becoming a senior’ event

Dent Camp

Green projects


Activities for high school students:

1. Wanna be Dentist Camp:

This educational camp is designed for high school students who are interested in applying to the faculty of dentistry. It will help them get a better idea of how dental students learn and practice their crafts. This camp is held during December for 3 days 2 nights, all expenses paid by the faculty. For more information please contact us through our Facebook page: ค่ายอยากเป็นหมอฟัน จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย (

2. DentCU Open House:

This activity aims to provide knowledge about oral health and new dental innovations, especially for high school students interested in enrolling at the faculty of dentistry. Aside from the activities provided, the Museum of Human Body and the Museum of Dentistry are also open for visitation. The Open House is held in March, and for those who are interested, please contact us via our Facebook page: Dent Chula Open House

Activities for first grade dental students:

1. Dent Camp:

This camp is designed to help freshmen learn about what they will face as dental students. This includes the subjects they will learn, lab techniques, and other dental practices. Through these activities freshmen will also get a chance to exchange ideas and build closer relationships with their seniors. This activity is held during August.

2. Twipop Camp:

This camp aims to help build closer relationship between first and second year students, preparing them for the next six years of student life. This activity is held during August.

3. Freshy Contest:

This activity will give the freshmen a chance to display their singing talent and build closer relationship with each other and their seniors. This activity is held during November.

4. New Student Orientation:

This activity aims to provide information to freshmen about what they will be learning during the faculty’s six years course. They will also get to meet their advisors

Activities for second grade dental students:

1. Merit-making Ceremony for Cadaver:

An activity for after the completion of the Human Anatomy course, which give thanks to the cadavers for the knowledge about the human body they had provided.

Activities for fourth grade dental students:

1. Trip to Colgate Palm Olive Company:

This trip will help dental students learn more about the dental industry. They will get to see how toothpaste is made and learn about new researches on dental materials used in our everyday life.    

Activities for all grade dental students:

1. Self-development and nature conservation camp:

This camp aims to help students improve various aspects of their lives by trying new activities. They will get to work with, exchange ideas, and do activities to help save the environment with students from other faculties as well. This activity is usually held in December of every year.

2. Community sanitation camp:

This camp allows students to be able to give help and knowledge to the public and communities. Our students, along with those from faculties from the science, will travel to rural areas and educate the people in those communities about good hygiene. This activity is held during March or April.

3. Muang Sampan Camp:

This camp will allow our students to get to know dental students from other universities. They will get to share their experiences and ideas and build stronger relationship with each other. This activity is usually held in April of every year.

4. Rural development volunteer camp:

For students who seeks to help improve the quality of life for people in the rural areas. They will help build new libraries, paint the school, and improve existing facilities. This activity is held during May or June.

5. Wai Kru Ceremony:

This is an activity that give students chances to thank their teachers for giving them knowledge and wisdom. In this ceremony, there will also be awards given to students who are academically outstanding and staffs who bring good reputations to the faculties.

International activities for all grade dental students:


This is an event held in August of every year. Each year, member countries of the ADPSA will take turn hosting this event. Through this event, dental students from different countries will be able to come together and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences to each other.

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