Assoc. Prof. Oranart Matangkasombut

รศ.ทญ.ดร.อรนาฎ มาตังคสมบัติ

Department: Microbiology

Specialist: Dental Public Health


Ph.D. (Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine)Harvard UniversityB.E. 2545
Diplomate, Thai Board of Dental Public HealthThe Dental CouncilB.E. 2560
D.D.S. Class Honors (Dentistry) Chulalongkorn UniversityB.E. 2537

Academic Paper


A : Article in Journal

Tarapan S, Matangkasombut O, Trachootham D, Sattabanasuk V, Talungchit S, Paemuang W, Phonyiam T, Chokchaitam O, Mungkung OO, Lam-Ubol A. Oral Candida colonization in xerostomic postradiotherapy head and neck cancer patients. Oral Dis. 1 October 2019;25(7):1798-1808. SCOPUS 
Denmongkholchai S, Katare P, Choochuay S, Thanyasrisung P, Tsuruda K, Sugai M, Mongkolsuk S, Matangkasombut O. Genome-Wide Identification of Host Genes Required for Toxicity of Bacterial Cytolethal Distending Toxin in a Yeast Model. Front Microbiol. 26 April 2019;10:89. SCOPUS 
Chanomethaporn A, Chayasadom A, Wara-Aswapati N, Kongwattanakul K, Suwannarong W, Tangwanichgapong K, Sumanonta G, Matangkasombut O, Dasanayake AP, Pitiphat W. Association between periodontitis and spontaneous abortion: A case-control study. J Periodontol. April 2019;90(4):381-390. SCOPUS 
Nguyen TNY, Matangkasombut O, Ritprajak P. Differential dendritic cell responses to cell wall mannan of Candida albicans, Candida parapsilosis, and Candida dubliniensis. J Oral Sci. 27 December 2018;60(4):557-566. SCOPUS 
Nguyen TNY, Padungros P, Wongsrisupphakul P, Sa-Ard-Iam N, Mahanonda R, Matangkasombut O, Choo MK, Ritprajak P. Cell wall mannan of Candida krusei mediates dendritic cell apoptosis and orchestrates Th17 polarization via TLR-2/MyD88-dependent pathway. Sci Rep. 20 November 2018;8(1):17123. SCOPUS 
Tsuruda K, Matangkasombut O, Ohara M, Sugai M. CdtC-induced processing of membrane-bound CdtA is a crucial step in Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans CDT holotoxin formation. Infect Immun. 20 February 2018;86(3): e00731-17. SCOPUS 
Wongpraparatana I, Matangkasombut O, Thanyasrisung P, Panich M. Effect of Vital Tooth Bleaching on Surface Roughness and Streptococcal Biofilm Formation on Direct Tooth-Colored Restorative Materials. Oper Dent. Jan/Feb 2018;43(1):51-59. SCOPUS 
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