Assoc. Prof. Sirima Petdachai

รศ.ทพญ.ดร.ศิริมา เพ็ชรดาชัย

Department: Orthodontics

Specialist: Orthodontics


Ph.D. (Orthodontics)Osaka University, JapanB.E. 2536
Diplomate, Thai Board of OrthodonticsThe Dental CouncilB.E. 2542
D.D.S. Class Honors (Dentistry) Chulalongkorn UniversityB.E. 2531

Academic Paper


A : Article in Journal

Boonumnuay K, Petdachai S, Chuenchompoonut V. Influence of vertical skeletal pattern on cortical and alveolar bone thickness and root spacing in the anterior maxilla assessed by cone beam computed tomography. Orthodontic Waves. June 2019;78(2): 63-73. SCOPUS 
Chavanavesh J, Petdachai S, Chuenchompoonut V. The effects of sex, skeletal age, and sagittal skeletal pattern on pharyngeal airway dimensions and related structures in growing Thai orthodontic patients. Orthodontic Waves. June 2018;77(2):111-124. SCOPUS 
Parinyachaiphun S, Petdachai S, Chuenchompoonut V. Considerations for placement of mandibular buccal shelf orthodontic anchoring screw in Class III hyperdivergent and normodivergent subjects – A cone beam computed tomography study. Orthodontic Waves. March 2018;77(1):44-56. SCOPUS 
Petdachai S, Chuenchompoonut V. Orthodontic evaluation by cluster and factor analyses from 2D frontal and lateral profilograms derived from 3D CBCT images. J World Fed Orthod. December 2017;6(4): 152-9. SCOPUS 
Rakwong B, Petdachai S, Chuenchompoonut V. Buccolingual inclination of the mandibular second molars with different anteroposterior skeletal patterns in cone-beam computed tomography. Orthod Waves. June 2017;76(2):105-12. SCOPUS 
Petdachai S, Chuenchompoonut V. Prediction of airway volume from lateral cephalograms and correlation among 2D and 3D measurements: A preliminary study. Orthod Waves. March 2017;76(1): 31-9. SCOPUS 
Chavanavesh J, Petdachai S, Chuenchompoonut V. Cephalometric correlation among pharyngeal airway dimensions and surrounding structures in growing Thai orthodontic patients with normodivergent facial pattern. CU Dent J. 2015;38(Suppl):37-52.TCI 1 


Petdachai S. CBCT and dentistry: airway volume in normal skeletal pattern. CBCT กับ ทันตกรรมปริมาตรทางเดินหายใจในโครงสร้างใบหน้าปรกติ, Chulalongkorn University. 2017