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Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences in Operative Dentistry

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Certificate: Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences


Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences Program in Operative Dentistry is a 1-year-program for dentists who intend to improve and develop knowledge and skills in operative dentistry field.

equivalent to the residency training program (the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Thailand). Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a higher graduate diploma certificate from Chulalongkorn University and will also be eligible to take the Thai Board of Operative dentistry examination. Successful completion of the examination will grant them a professional license. During the course of study, there will be simulated situations for both written and oral examinations to help students prepare themselves for the Thai board examination. These simulations are designed to assist students in their readiness for the upcoming examination and subsequent professional licensure.

Course Background

Due to the ongoing demand in Thailand for individuals with knowledge and expertise in the examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, and conservative restoration, alongside the ability to conduct research, there is also a need to produce graduates who possess knowledge and proficiency in the field of Operative Dentistry. These graduates should be capable of effectively transmitting knowledge and experiences. This forms the basis for the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences Program in Operative Dentistry.

Principles and Rationale

Driven by the demand for knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the field of conservative dentistry, as well as the high demand for highly specialized graduates in Thailand, the program aims to produce graduates with expertise in examining, diagnosing, treatment planning, and providing conservative dental restoration tailored to the complexities of appropriate treatment. This expertise should also be applicable to the work of medical or dental professionals in other specialties. Additionally, there is a need to cultivate graduates with critical thinking skills in comprehensive treatment planning, prioritizing the benefits to the patients, alongside a commitment to integrity and ethical conduct towards the profession and society.

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Highly Qualified Faculty Members in Both Clinical and Research Fields

The department’s faculty members, including both regular and adjunct professors, are highly qualified in both clinical and research aspects. Many of them have earned their doctoral degrees or are experts in operative dentistry, both in Thailand and internationally. During the clinical practice, students will gain diverse experiences, ranging from complex restorative procedures such as dental restorations through various techniques such as inlays, onlays, dental crowns, restorations, and managing tooth decay. They will also work with special-needs patients and engage in interdisciplinary practices, focusing on holistic patient care.


Standardized Clinic with Comprehensive and Modern Equipment

The Operative Dentistry Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences Programmaintains high standards, equipped with comprehensive and up-to-date materials and tools, such as CAD/CAM Milling machines. The teaching methods are diverse, including lectures, seminars, and case conferences, which will foster knowledge exchange and the development of critical thinking skills among students. The faculty provides resources such as a large library with up-to-date textbooks and journals, internet access to renowned journals and a simulation center.


Training and Development Opportunities for Students

Additionally, the department supports extracurricular activities to enhance students’ capabilities. These include advanced dental photography training, CAD/CAM training, participation in academic conferences. Basic life support training and voluntary activities, such as providing dental services within the faculty or in other provinces, are also offered. This ensures that upon graduation, students will be competent in providing comprehensive patient care in operative dentistry, possess research skills, and uphold ethical values and professionalism.

Message from the Program Director

Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sciences Program in Operative Dentistry aims to enhance knowledge and develop skills in treatment planning and operative dentistry. It provides training for students to become competent in delivering comprehensive dental care and emphasizes knowledge dissemination and research for further advancement in the field of operative dentistry. Upon completion of the program, graduates can pursue careers as lecturers in both government and private sectors, as well as practice in the field of operative dentistry. The program incorporates new technologies to ensure that students stay updated with modern practices and continue to develop their skills for future application. These acquired skills can be utilized in their future endeavors.

Career Path Advice

Graduates from this program can become a dental specialist in Operative Dentistry. A dental specialist plays a crucial role in providing holistic patient care, including conservative and aesthetic dental restorations, as well as personalized treatment planning that suits individual needs. Operative dentistry is a delicate field that requires the integration of scientific knowledge and artistic skills to maximize benefits for patients. It demands a high level of expertise and proficiency. Currently, there is a shortage of dental specialists in remote areas, making it a highly sought-after profession both in government and private sectors.

Course Details

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum consists of lectures, seminars, and practical laboratory sessions, spanning a duration of 1 year.

Activities of the Program

  • “Ban Pak Kret Dentistry Project”: Students will have the opportunity to provide dental treatments, specifically root canal treatments, to underprivileged children in Ban Pak Kret.
  • Faculty’s Free Dental Services: Throughout the year, students can actively participate in providing free dental services to patients during the Community Dental Health Day.
  • Continuous Education Conference: Graduate students in the program can engage in academic conferences related to the field.
  • Advanced dental photography training and CAD/CAM milling training.


Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences Program in Operative Dentistry

  • Period of Admission: March 25 – April 24, 2024

Procedure of admission

  1. Please read and following procedure of admission
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    English Version
  2. Application documents must copy to pdf files or image files
    Related forms
  3. Fill Application Form and Upload Application documents
  4. Pay the application fee and upload pay-in slip
  5. Staff sent confirmation email of application  within 5 workdays

For further information pertaining to applicant’s qualifications, please contact

Instructor. Yanee Tantilertanant
7th floor Somdejya 93 Building

  • Tel. (+66) 0 2218 8795
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Program Assistant

  • Yanee Tantilertanant, D.D.S., M.Sc., Ph.D.