Graduate Program

Master of Science Program in Oral Biology

(International Program)

หลักสูตรวิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต สาขาวิชาชีววิทยาช่องปาก (หลักสูตรนานาชาติ)

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Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Language of instruction:


Total credits:

36 credits

Objectives of the program:

Students are trained to become competent researchers with advanced knowledge and skills in research and analytical thinking so that they are able to conduct academic research and apply their skills towards resolving oral health problems.

Course Structure

Academic System

The semester system (Aug-Dec, Jan-May) and credit hours are utilized. The program lasts approximately 2-3 academic years for a Master’s degree.

Study Duration

Approximately 2-3 academic years for Master program.

Requirements for Graduation

The students must meet the following requirements for Master graduation:

  • Obtain total credits hours
  • Defense the thesis
  • Publication


Research Only
Total Credits
36 Credits
36 Credits
Required courses
5 Credits
Elective courses
19 Credits
Thesis credits
36 Credits
12 Credits


Required Courses

Discussion on and presentation of current topics in oral biology.

Discussion on and presentation of current topics in oral biology.

A comprehensive overview of advanced knowledge and current research areas in oral biology including development of craniofacial complex, extracellular matrix, mineralized tissues, saliva, biofilm, cariology, periodontal diseases, cancer, and orofacial pain with emphasis on active research topics and experimental approaches to address questions in oral biology.

Elective Courses

Special topics in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, oral pathology, pharmacology and microbiology in related to dental sciences.

Current topics in oral diagnosis; clinical management for special case; advancement of diseases and treatment within related areas of dentistry; advanced technology of recording system and informative analysis.

Training by using various techniques in oral biology research.

Practice in reading, analyzing and discussing of scientific papers in oral biology.

Principles and techniques in biomedical research; cell culture techniques; spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry; molecular biology techniques; immunological techniques; electrophoresis; chromatography; radioisotope techniques.

Fundamental elements of bone structure with special emphasis on both cellular and molecular biology relevant to bone formation, bone resorption and their mechanisms of regulation.

Physiology of pain and pain modulation; psychology of pain; pain measurement; types of pain; pharmacology of pain; genetic and environmental influences on pain.

Analytical and critical discussion on the current advanced articles published in highly accepted journals in the field of oral biology.

Principles of developing materials for tissue engineering, cell biology and cell response to materials, designing experiment and testing protocol for tissue engineering; histology, and developmental biology related to tissue engineering design; techniques and application of tissue engineering for craniofacial structures: teeth, bone, cartilage, oral mucosa, periodontium, salivary gland and other related structures.

Collection and analysis of articles published in the field of oral biology and related disciplines in order to write the review literature leading to a new hypothesis and the ability to design experiments to answer the hypothesis.

Special and Current topics including the breakthrough knowledge in Oral Biology to explain pathogenesis and mechanism of infection in oral diseases, the mechanism of aging and genetic control of cellular behavior.

Dissertation Courses

  • 3200811 Thesis (for students in coursework tracks)
  • 3200816 Thesis (for students in research only track)

Tuition Fees

The expenses for each year for Thai Students are approximate:
86,400 Baht
The expenses for each year for non-Thai Students are approximate:
196,400 Baht

Living Costs

  • Food and other expenses: ≥10,000 Baht/month (apart from room rent, a meal is on average is 50-100 Baht)
  • Dormitory: ≈15,000 Baht/month (including electricity and water rates)
  • Accomodation outside university: range from 5,000 – 40,000 baht depending on location and room & building facilities


Admission Guide

  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Health Science, DDS, MD, DVM and other health professional degree also welcome to apply.
  • All applicants must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 450 on the paper-based test. Other tests equivalent to TOEFL, such as CU TEP (scoer 45) or IELTS (score 4.0) are also acceptable. The english examination should be taken within 2 years or graduate from an international program within 2 years. (Applicants without English language score may also be considered under the discretion of the Program Admistrative Committee).
  • Possess qualification complied with the Graduate School (to be announced yearly). The program Administrative Committee reserves the rights to consider other qualifications that deem appropriate to be eligible for applicaiton.

Contact email for pre-application:

Admission of students into the Oral Biology Graduate Program at the Chulalongkorn University will be contingent upon the applicant’s qualifications and the availability of a position in the Program.

  • All applicants must submit a pre-application form to program director.
  • Applicants who interest in the program, please submit your inquiry of interest to
  • Official online admission website – CLICK HERE

Selection Method

Applicants are selected based on academic/research performances and experiences and interview according to the regulation of Graduate School of Chulalongkorn University. International students may be subjected to online interview.

How to apply

Master of Science Program in Oral Biology

International Program

  • Period of Admission: February 1, 2024 – April 17, 2024

Procedure of admission

  1. Please read and following procedure of admission
  2. Application documents must copy to pdf files or image files
  3. Fill Application Form and Upload Application documents
  4. Pay the application fee and upload pay-in slip
  5. Staff sent confirmation email of application  within 5 workdays

For further information pertaining to applicant’s qualifications, please contact

Professor Thanaphum Osathanon,
Department of Anatomy,
7th floor, Pre-clinic Building

  • Tel. (+66) 0 2218 8816

Contact program


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